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A DeFi native platform for wagering on relative strength derivatives.
Peer-to-Peer Relative Value Wagers provides retail participants with the opportunity to make big returns on micro-price movements by wagering on the relative value of assets. Users backing the winning asset receive double the amount they wagered, while the opposite side loses their entire stake. The Relative Value P2P Wager's unique value proposition is the availability of an expanded set of asset pairs for speculation, providing significant returns on small price movements, irrespective of the market trend. It can also be an effective social tool to activate specific crypto communities by allowing supporters of competing protocols and tokens to validate their forecasts by placing wagers on relative strength.
While DeFi platforms provide market participants with exposure to various spot, margin, and futures markets for digital assets, they are limited in the selection of token pairs being offered (ordinarily BTC, ETH and stablecoins). Through the creation of Relative Strength Derivatives, users can speculate on the relative price action of any two assets, simply by backing their favoured asset to outperform another, effectively going long one asset and short another in the same trade. RSDs will greatly expand the number of profitable opportunities and strategies available to speculators.
Relative is powered by solidity-based smart contracts that have the power to be executed on other decentralized Layer-1 chains which feature an EVM. An omni-chain approach allows for greater market reach and integration with the 
most successful layer-1 ecosystems.
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