How does the P2P market work?

Users can choose from multiple 'modes' when wagering in the P2P market.

Opening a position for asset X in this market implies the following: Between start time and end time, the percentage change in price for asset X will be higher than the competing asset

  • Markets / lots are peer-to-peer, i.e. created by users - not the platform.

  • When creating a lot, the lot creator can choose between multiple modes of P2P lots, these are:

  • Multi-user mode: Multiple users v multiple users

  • Challenge mode: 1 v 1 wagers (these may be public or private wagers)

  • When creating a multi user Lot, Lot creator must choose the asset they wish to back and the opposing asset.

  • In a challenge Lot, the Lot creator can also choose the opposing asset they wish to wager against or can choose a basket of assets that they are open to wagering against. The challengee can then join a lot by backing an asset from the basket (i.e. creator can back BTC, and then for Asset B can whitelist 5 other assets like ETH, LINK, AVAX, SOL, FTM, and challengee can join the wager by picking one of these 5 assets).

  • A user joining the Lot can then pick one of the 5 (if creator made a basket) or pick any asset if creator has left it open.

  • Once the market is created, it allows users to open positions (by depositing collateral into the corresponding pools) for either asset until start time.

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