Peer-to-Peer Relative Value Wagers

Relative Value Peer-to-Peer Wagers

The P2P binary wagers market allows users to predict whether one asset will outperform another within a given time frame. Users backing the winning asset receive double the amount they wagered with the opposite side losing the entire amount wagered.

Key Features:

  • Social Challenges - Community members can speculate on the performance of their favorite asset vs that of a competing asset and invite others on social media platforms for 1v1 challenges. The protocol will also host tournaments where speculators can compete for guaranteed payouts.

  • Peer to Peer Wagers - Ability for users to create peer to peer relative value binary option wagers with their own customized time period.

  • Agnostic to Market Trends - This product can be profitable in a bull, bear or sideways market and unlocks profitable opportunities independent of market conditions/ sentiment.

  • Cross Asset/Index Speculation - Users have the ability to speculate on the performance of their preferred asset class vs that of another asset class whereas previously they were restricted to speculating on the value of their asset class vs its dollar value

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